Why Do Guys prefer to Stay Single?

Guys Prefer to Stay Single

Secret About Men’s That Why Guys Prefer to Stay Single? 

Ever wonder why guys favor to just date woman than to settle down and commit. Simple response: Liberty. It may seem unsatisfactory that after telling you the man you’re interesting in does not desire to commit so but the truth is guys prefer to stay single than to have a women strap them down. Men fear they will lose their liberty, their freedom and even their toys and gadgets. Men want to keep all these gadgets from the football that their ex girlfriends gave them to a ripped t shirt that they use to clean their automobiles. What happens is that here comes new girlfriend and takes over their decisions in life.

Everything gets tossed out which they believed was valuable and now feel they have no say so in their own determinations. Unexpectedly the guy has whom they can hang out with and a curfew. They may be told when to take the garbage out or when to go out. These were choices that he’d control over and he feels there’s no control. Unless you desire to lose him to somebody else or back to his own single hood lesson: Try not to control your man.

Another reason prefer to remain single is so they are able to still play the field without feeling committed to one girl. If you ask “Why isn’t he prepared for a relationship?… I’m” One thing to remember…he is not you. You might be ready but he’s not. If you think you can shove him into the way of relationship then you are deceiving yourself. I consider now men have greater priorities in their own lives that relationships and union simply aren’t a necessity as it may have been a few decades past. It’s not to say that one day your guy will not need to marry but he’s also saying he doesn’t know if it is going to be you he’ll wed. He only knows one day he’ll get married. Give him time and don’t push him into a direction that you may later regret.

A final reason why guys prefer to stay single is because they end up with more in their pocket. Men fear because they wish to become dependent on the guy a woman will shove them into union. Guys occasionally don’t mind taking care of their girls but they also aren’t looking to be someone’s sugar daddy. If he doesn’t that then you may want to question your self-worth. The first beginning of their expense begins with “the ring”. I desire the ring on my finger which will clearly cost him a few thousand. Next will be the cost of a home, vehicles or furniture. Guys worry they will be busted by the end of the relationship especially if they have experienced a divorce in their past although it may sound a bit disconcerting. Strive to have your own liberty but also send a message that you also do need him in your life for other security reasons. He will give you a deeper love and will feel needed and desired than expected and admiration.

Treat your man like a friend and let him understand that you can communicate and spend time with him without needing other resources. A date at home watching a movie will make him feel closer to you than a date night at the movies. You will see an important difference in your relationship which will pull the two of your nearer together. Best of luck.