Sari new outfit for you? You want to learn How to Wear Saree? If so, this Saree draping style is not a difficult task, but it really needs a good amount of exercise. If how to wear saree is a complex issue for you, then here you will find a simple answer to this question.

Saree expresses simplicity, shows the traditional values, it means that the beauty of the woman and makes her sensual look. Instead, a little elegant drape sari could not therefore affect the appearance and make you look awkward. Therefore it is very important to understand how to wear saree. As a beginner, you should start with the typical Indian Saree draping gracefully.

Before starting the procedure to wear Sari, here are some of the ingredients needed to possess as petticoat (underskirt) with lace attached to it which must be tightly ties near your waist line and blouses (Choli) with the back or front button. The blouse should be in an appropriate environment, as it would add to the increase of her sari and can also give different cuts, printed forms, beds work, etc. the sari. Also be ready to wear the foot, because it is important to cover sari after the sandals so that the length of the sari remains constant. Follow the latest trend, while the seam of the shirt and the vest because this will add more to your sari.

Since its first approach, here are six steps to help you in learning sari draping:


Taking sari: Once done with the use of petticoat and blouse his next step would be to learn to keep sari. But before that it would be easy to learn, if you stand in front of the mirror. Hold the upper end of the sari and the front part of the sari should be toward the mirror.
Tucking sari: Then put the sari a full circle on the right side to the left side. Let the other corner of the sari on the floor itself.

Preparation folds: Now you need to prepare equal size folds about five inches, depending on the height and width of saris. Folds should start from the end, where they hid in sari.

E to fold pleats: Prepare eight to ten folds and give the front left. Now put your umbilical exactly cotillion your life, but make sure that the length of the sari itself is long. The hidden folds must fall gracefully evenly.

Fixing Pallu (which flows into the part of the left): Once again have the right to turn to the left and insert the end of its smooth finish sari petticoat and place pallu left shoulder.

Folds Pallu if necessary: in this case, if you want the Pallu remains rigid and does not cover give some folds and locked with the pin.

After following this procedure, you are now ready with its elegant appearance in a traditional Indian clothing. Now, how to sari will not be a problem for you. Make sure you carefully drape saris and it is essential to be safe while using sari, as evidenced by the pride of women. I’m not stiff if they are not able to cover the first attempt perfectly as “the most, rather than getting perfect practice.”